Winter Tyres

During the winter, driving conditions become challenging and ensuring that you are safe on Britain's roads is imperative. Our winters are changing; snow and ice have resulted in chaos on the UK roads.

Throughout many parts of Europe, it is common and sometimes a legal requirement for drivers to fit winter tyres during the winter months. The difference between a winter tyre and a summer tyre is the tread compound and pattern.

The tread compound of a winter tyre contains more natural rubber so that it does not harden when it is cold. This ensures that the tyre remains flexible in low winter temperatures (below +7℃) which helps to reduce the stopping distance and maintain excellent grip on snow and ice as well as on wet roads in cold conditions.

In comparison to summer tyres, winter tyres reduce braking distance significantly in snow and ice. The compound of the tyre maintains excellent grip on the road and the design of winter tyres can also effectively disperse a great amount of water reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

All in all, a winter tyre gives greater control and safety!

Headley tyres hold a range of winter tyres in stock and we now offer a storage facility for your set of summer/winter, tyres/wheels at just £40 plus VAT (for the storage) per annum.

All Season Tyres

Why bother changing tyres for the winter and then back again in the summer? All season tyres are designed to be used all year and are a good compromise for those who do not want the hassle of changing tyres each season but want to remain safe on the road.